Launching Full Swing into the Fall

Fall is the busiest time of year for our ministry. Our campuses spend an incredible amount of energy reaching out to new students and getting our message out. Most campuses attempt to engage with thousands of students during the first week, inviting them to fill out spiritual interest questionnaires. They then spend the next 6-8 weeks following up on new people and getting small groups up and running. It’s almost like a Greek Rush event that lasts for half of the first term, culminating with their Fall retreat.

UCI Welcome Week
Me and Epic Volunteer Aaron before heading out to engage new students with spiritual interest questionnaires

The Lord is doing some exciting things throughout the Pacific Southwest Region. Read the latest Lowedown to hear some updates of what the Lord is doing in many of our ministries this fall.

How Sure are You?

Aaron, Chris, Dave, JJ and Sam

“…how sure are you that you would make it into heaven and live with God for eternity?” His answer surprised me.

“To be honest, I don’t think I would make it”, he said. “I have done some really bad things and I’ll have to do a lot of good things to make up for all the bad things I’ve done.”

Last month, I had the opportunity to help coach and train some of our new staff in evangelism. Read the latest Lowedown to hear about a gospel conversation we had with Jose, a student at UC San Diego.

Experiencing the Power of Prayer

Joel Silva
Joel, a first year intern, is our ONLY Latino staff person in Los Angeles. Please pray for him and our entire Destino team.

Over the summer, I had the chance to coach Joel as he raised funds to join our Long Beach Destino team as an intern. It was fun to see Joel take steps of faith to see God provide in huge ways. Joel finished his fund-raising and reported in time to start the fall. It’s exciting to see the impact Joel is having as the ONLY Latino guy who is on the team.

A few weeks ago, before heading to campus for the day, Joel prayed, “Lord, save someone today. Let me see and guide someone from death to life.”

Later that morning, Joel found himself talking to Jamie, a student he had met and talked with briefly just a few days before. Moments into the conversation, Joel decided to bring up God. In what turned out to be a 2 hour conversation, Joel was able to engage Jamie regarding his past and his current beliefs in God. Joel was able to share the gospel and though Jamie thought he knew God, it turns out that he never really heard and understood the message of Christ before.

Jamie opened up about his desire to know God and trust in something greater than himself to satisfy his emptiness. As Joel shared about the great love God has for him, tears welled up in Jamie’s eyes and he could not speak. Obviously God was working in Jamie’s heart.

In that moment, as he saw Jamie move from death to life, Joel remembered the prayer he had prayed that morning.

Thank you for your prayers for us. Because of your prayers and partnership, many lives, like Joel’s and Jamie’s are being changed for Christ’s sake!

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