About Us

Dave was born in Southern California and attended school at Cal Poly, Pomona. Dave graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering but during his 4th year in school, Dave recommitted himself to Christ and got involved in Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as Cru).

Upon graduating, Dave joined Cru’s full-time staff and was assigned to work at San Jose State University. During his time there, he met Jen, who was a student involved with Cru at San Jose State University.

Jen grew up in Fresno and got involved in Cru at Fresno State where she attended school during her freshmen and sophomore years. During the middle of her 2nd year, she transferred to San Jose State where she continued her involvement with Cru while pursuing a degree in English literature. After graduating in 1992, Jen joined  Cru’s full-time staff.

Dave & Jen were married on May 15, 1993 and moved to Tucson, Arizona to work with  Cru at the University of Arizona. They served in Arizona for two years before moving back to California.

In 1996, Dave & Jen moved back to Fresno and spent 2 years serving with Cru at Fresno State University as well as Fresno City College.

In the fall of 1998, Dave & Jen moved to Davis and started a brand new Cru ministry at UC Davis. From humble beginnings, Dave & Jen saw the ministry grow from nothing to over 300 students and 5 different culturally specific ministries.

WC-Dave-SpeakingAfter 10 years at UC Davis, Dave & Jen were asked to take a position of greater responsibility and influence, giving leadership to the staff in Cru’s Pacific Southwest Region. So, in October of 2008, Dave & Jen and their twin boys Jacob and Joshua, moved to Mission Viejo in order to serve as National Directors of Ethnic Field Ministries for the Pacific Southwest Region.

After nearly 25 years working with college students, Dave & Jen sensed the Lord calling them to a new mission field. Starting Fall of 2013, Dave & Jen are working as the Orange County Directors for Cru City’s Millennial ministry.

Millennials are those people in our society aged 18-30 and have been described by Barna Research group as the least evangelized segment of our culture. Our desire is to create communities where Millennials can come together and experience real community that will foster opportunities to seek and experience Jesus. Our hope is to help Millennials learn to follow Christ and live missionally in the workplace, at home, and with friends and neighbors.

Dave is an avid Southern California sports fan, rooting for the Lakers, Dodgers and USC Trojans. In addition, Dave enjoys hiking, watching movies, playing guitar and doing home projects around the house.

Jen is an avid reader and also enjoys shopping, movies, cooking and entertaining.

In 2001, Dave & Jen adopted twin boys, Jacob and Joshua. Jacob and Joshua are now seniors in high school (Fall 2018).

Jacob and Joshua love running, hanging out with friends, playing video games and horsing around with the dog.

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