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For 25 years, we’ve worked to reach college students with the good news of Jesus Christ. We’ve served at San Jose State University, the University of Arizona, Fresno State University and UC Davis.

Students Worshiping

Brandon & Shane

Brandon (right) was a self-identified atheist who began attending a Bible study as a freshman. Five weeks later, Brandon came to Christ at our annual Fall Retreat.

dcp_0950Paul (pictured on left) became a Christian at the beginning of his freshman year after filling out a spiritual interest questionnaire. After 4 years of involvement with Campus Crusade at UC Davis, Paul joined Campus Crusade’s staff and served 4 years at Cal Poly, Pomona. Currently, Paul and his wife Jaimie, are the directors of the Cru ministry at San Jose State University.


We’ve shared Christ with thousands of students in one-on-one settings as well as large group events.HughRoss-Crowd

In 2004, we hosted a Biblical Creation Forum with Hugh Ross from Reasons to Believe ministry (www.reasons.org). Our event drew a crowd of over 1300 students, filling up the largest room at UC Davis. Students had to be turned away at the door.

One student wrote a letter to the editor, complaining that “the fact that Campus Crusade has such influence on this campus should be of HughRossFacegreat concern to every student and faculty member.”

Other large events included Darrell Scott, father of Rachel Scott who was killed at the Columbine incident as well as Michael Leahey from Bravehearts.net giving his Porn Nation presentation. That event actually drew attention from the local NBC news affiliate and they ran a 2 minute news segment on their 11:00 nightly news.


In addition to sharing Christ with lost students on campus, we’ve trained hundreds of students to share their faith as well.


Jessica was already a believer when she got involved in Campus Crusade as a freshman. However, she had never shared her faith. After learning to share her faith at an evangelism training seminar we conducted, Jessica shared this:

“My friend Jane accepted Christ over spring break after I shared the 4 Spiritual Laws with her and I wouldn’t have known how to do that if you hadn’t trained me.”

Jessica helped give leadership to our Epic ministry at UC Davis before graduating and joining Campus Crusade’s staff. Jessica spent 5 years as a missionary to college students in Tokyo, Japan.


Chris Warren (right) was a student in our ministry at UC Davis for 4 years. During his time in college, Chris learned to share his faith, lead a Bible study and disciple men. After graduating, Chris got married and after working a few years in the marketplace, Chris and his wife joined Cru’s full-time staff. Currently, Chris and his wife lead our campus ministry at the University of Arizona.


We’ve literally sent students all over the world on summer missions projects, short term missions assignments and as full-time missionaries.

JenTriciaSkyThe first person Jen (left) ever approached when we started our ministry at UC Davis was Tricia (pictured in the middle). Tricia filled out a spiritual interest questionnaire and expressed an interest. Tricia ended up getting involved with Cru that first year and was involved for 4 years, going on summer missions projects, leading small groups and helping to start our Epic ministry. After graduating, Tricia spent a year overseas in Central Asia and then moved to Hawaii to serve as full-time staff with Cru. While she was in Hawaii, Tricia discipled Skyy (pictured on the right). Skyy graduated and is now serving as a short-term missionary overseas. Tricia and her husband now live in Southern California and lead our Epic ministry efforts in Orange County.


Jon (on the left) was a student leader in our UC Davis ministry. Jon went on several summer missions projects as a student and after graduating, spent 2 years overseas, leading a team of UC Davis graduates who were tasked to reach out to students in the Middle East. Currently, Jon is on Cru’s full-time staff and is the ministry leader for our UC Irvine Cru team.


Here is just a sampling of the former students we’ve had the privilege to influence, many of whom are serving the Lord full-time either as a missionary or pastor.













PaulJaimie PavlinaThumb













Starcher StephChengThumb StephWeeThumb
















In 1998, we moved to Davis to start the Cru ministry at UC Davis. From humble beginnings, we were able to see a ministry grow to over 300 students and 5 separate culturally distinctive ministries by the time we left in 2008. In addition, we re-established the Cru ministry at Sac State during that time.


As missionaries, we saw the need to reach out to every student in a way that is culturally relevant to them. So we started Epic, which is a ministry to Asian American students. Destino is a ministry we started that reaches students who are culturally Latino. Bridges is a ministry that seeks to reach International students and Impact is a ministry reaching students of African descent.

Epic Logo 1_small


Destino Banner-general




In 2008, we moved to Southern California to take a position as regional directors for the Pacific Southwest region, which includes campus ministries in California, Arizona, Hawaii and Southern Nevada. Part of our job was to help establish new ministries throughout our region that would reach the different cultural groups that exist on our campuses. During the five years we served as Regional and National directors, we were able to help or aid in launching dozens of new ministries.



After 25 years of winning students to Christ, building them up in their faith and sending them out to the world as laborers, we are embarking on a new challenge.



Brights50sCampus Crusade for Christ was started in 1951 by Bill & Vonette Bright, who had a vision to help fulfill the Great Commission by reaching and mobilizing college students and sending them to the world. What started at UCLA has now multiplied to over 1200 campuses in the U.S. and many more world-wide.

What started as a campus ministry now reaches people in just about every segment of socieity. There are over 60 different ministries under the umbrella of Campus Crusade for Christ, including well-known ministries such as Athletes in Action, Family Life, Josh McDowell and the Jesus Film Project. More than 26,000 staff and 550,000 volunteers serve in 191 countries.


What started as a ministry to University students soon expanded to other ministries, reaching other key segments of our culture.

Here are just a few of the ministries that are a part of Cru:

>> Andre Kole Ministry – www.andrekole.org

>> Athletes in Action – www.athletesinaction.org

>> Campus – http://www.cru.org/campus/index.htm

>> Christian Embassy – www.christianembassy.com

>> Family Life – www.familylife.com

>> Global Aid Network (GAiN) – www.gainusa.org

>> Josh McDowell Ministry – www.josh.org

>> Military Ministry – crumilitary.org

>> The JESUS Film Project – jesusfilm.org

Cru now has a ministry in every country of the world. But there are still many people who need to be reached for Jesus.

Every month around the world, a number of people equal to the population of Atlanta are moving into cities. How will we reach them? How will we connect all the various people from different walks of life, different ethnicities and different professions to Jesus?

Cru City is a new ministry of Cru that desires to reach and mobilize the citizens of the cities. The way we are going about coming together and connecting people to Jesus is through what we call “City Gates.”

City Gates Video

This video describes the mission of Cru in the city and some of the key gates into the City.


Millennials (aged 18-30) are the least evangelized generation in our society (according to Barna Research Group) and yet they will be the key leaders and decision maker in the years to come. Millennials are passionate about making a difference in the world and yet they don’t see the church as an avenue for effecting change around them. They may be spiritual but they don’t see themselves as religious and they tend to be very disillusioned and turned off by “corporate” Christianity and traditional evangelical approaches.


Jen and I will be working with Cru City as Orange County Directors of the Millennial Ministry. Our hope and expectation is to work with churches and volunteers to reach Millennials in Orange County and the surrounding Los Angeles area. We hope to connect Millennials to authentic communities so they can seek and experience Jesus in a way that will lead to personal, spiritual renewal and transformation. As individualʼs lives are changed, communities and cities will ultimately be renovated.

By creating partnerships with like-minded churches, ministries and organizations, and by meeting with individuals one-on-one, we seek to communicate the message of Christ to Millennials in the city.


Like many other missions organizations, Campus Crusade for Christ staff members depend on the consistent financial support of concerned individuals to carry on their ministry.

In order to make our ministry possible, we must find committed individuals who will become partners with us by contributing financially each month to our ministry. This enables us to work full-time in our ministry while allowing our partners to share in the fruit that our ministry bears.

To find out how to give to our ministry, click here.

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