Fall Highlights

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Staff reaching out to Latino students at Cal State Fullerton

The Fall was a busy season of ministry, filled with lots of unique opportunities. Read about two different ministry endeavors in the latest version of the Lowedown.

Passionate for People

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a full year since we moved from Davis. Moving to Southern California has definitely had its challenges, but as I look back on the year I’m extremely grateful for what God has done in our ministry, in our lives individually, and as a family… Read the rest of “The Lowedown”

Did You Know?

Check out this link for a cool flash presentation on the impact Campus Crusade’s Campus ministry is having around the world. This was shown to all of the national leaders back in February and to all of our staff over the summer. There’s a bit of inside language (the infamous Crusade acronyms) but you should be able to get a glimpse of what God has been doing.


Prayer Requests: UC Irvine Fall Retreat

Hello Friends,

This weekend, Jen and I will be heading up to the mountains to speak to about 50 students at UC Irvine’s Fall Retreat. We’re excited and a bit nervous as we have not had many opportunities in the past to be the featured speakers at a retreat.

We would appreciate your prayers for us. Jen will be speaking to the women at a special women’s time while I will be speaking 4 times at the main sessions of the retreat.

My theme for the weekend is “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” I want to talk about what it means to really follow Jesus and how He wants to use us to impact the lives of others.

Pray specifically for the following:

  • For Jen as she prepares her message to the women of the group
  • For our boys who will be with us. Pray that they would have a fun weekend and that they would enjoy hanging out with the students. (They are excited that we are going to a camp for the weekend!)
  • For Dave as he prepares his 4 talks and discussion questions for the small group interaction times
  • For students to be challenged and motivated as they come back to campus. Pray that the weekend would lead to a deeper walk with Christ and a greater commitment to reach other students back on campus.

Thanks for your prayers. I look forward to updating you on what happens this weekend!

Multiplying Your Giving Through a Matching Fund

Hey friends,

My friend Shawnda, who works with Campus Crusade, recently sent out a notice to some of her friends and partners, letting them know that their contribution could be matched through their employer. I shared this a few years ago but thought it would be good to share again with you as well. The main idea is that if you give to Campus Crusade, or any other charity, you might be able to get your contribution matched through your employer. Some employers even match dollar for dollar. This is an easy way to multiply your giving dollars to us or any other ministry which you support.  We’ve compiled a list of employers who have matched donations in the past and another list of companies that don’t match. It’s always a good idea to ask your employer, even if they are on the list of companies that don’t match. Companies are changing their programs all the time. So if you don’t see your company listed, ask if they match. You might be surprised at how easy it is to stretch your giving dollars with no extra out of pocket expense to you! To find out more, CLICK HERE.

Gaining a New Perspective

The end of August marked somewhat of a milestone for me (Dave). Ten years ago, I began taking classes part-time towards a Masters of Arts degree in Theological Studies.
My plan was to take one class per semester, but there were several semesters that I didn’t take classes, like when our twins arrived….(Read the rest of the Lowedown)



After a several year hiatus, the Lowedown is back in a new “blog” format. We hope this will be a great way to keep our friends and ministry partners updated and connected. Feel free to leave comments. And don’t forget to check out our Prayer Request page. Welcome Back!