Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

The “Crusade House” has been a hub for ministry to San Jose State University for over 25 years!

I nervously held the envelope in my hand. After 4 weeks of New Staff Training, I was anxious to open it up and see where I was going to be assigned as a new missionary with Campus Crusade.

As I slowly began to open the envelope, many thoughts raced through my mind. Would they assign me to work in the office? After all, I had a computer science minor and there was always a need for people with computer skills in the office… (Read the rest of the Lowedown)

Campus Crusade creates iPhone Evangelism application

If you have an iPhone, you can now download a cool application that has just been developed and released by Campus Crusade. It’s called “God Tools” and it is an application that has “The Four Spiritual Laws” booklet, the “Would you Like to Know God Personally” booklet and a couple of other spiritual tracts. In addition, there is a link to many popular articles from our website.

Overall, it’s a great application to help you as you share the love of Christ with others. And best of all, it’s free. I’ve downloaded it already to my phone and it’s pretty cool.

You can check it out by searching “God Tools” from your iPhone App application.

You can also learn more from the iTunes website:


Patricia’s Story

Patricia Calderon
Patricia came to know Christ when she learned about Him through the website: every

Before entering her freshman year at UC Davis a few years ago, Patricia visited our website. In an attempt to quench her spiritual thirst, Patricia read just about every article that was on the site.

Patricia ended up giving her life to Christ and began getting followup resources through the site.

A few weeks later, she showed up on campus at UC Davis as a brand new freshman, looking for a place to plug in socially. She saw the signs and banners for Campus Crusade for Christ and recognized us as the group behind the website that had dramatically influenced her life.

Right away, she got involved in a Bible study with some other freshman girls that helped her to grow in her new faith. By the time she was a senior, Patricia was leading a freshman Bible study herself!

Did you know? gets over 3 million visitors each month.

Making a Global Impact

So there I was, staring at a huge LCD flat screen monitor on the wall that displayed in bright colors a map of the entire world. Every few seconds, a small flag would pop up with the name of a different country, indicating that someone from that country had either visited one of our websites, indicated a decision for Christ or requested follow-up of some kind. (read the rest of The Lowedown)

Epic Conference Highlights

2010-Epic-Main Session

Over 400 students attended our recent Epic Conference, making it the largest Epic Conference ever. Read about the experience of two of our former UC Davis students who are now serving with CCC at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in the Lowedown.

Campus Crusade for Conferences?

Over 700 students worship at our annual Winter Conference in San Diego

Every time you turn around it seems like there’s another conference we’re attending. Our staff sometimes jokingly refer to our organization as Campus Crusade for Conferences.

So why are conferences so integral to what we do? Read the rest of the Lowedown to find out more.

Fall Highlights

Cross09 Pic
Staff reaching out to Latino students at Cal State Fullerton

The Fall was a busy season of ministry, filled with lots of unique opportunities. Read about two different ministry endeavors in the latest version of the Lowedown.

Passionate for People

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a full year since we moved from Davis. Moving to Southern California has definitely had its challenges, but as I look back on the year I’m extremely grateful for what God has done in our ministry, in our lives individually, and as a family… Read the rest of “The Lowedown”