An Unplanned Diversion

I was awakened to the smell of something burning. Moments later, I noticed flight attendants quickly running up and down the center aisle of the plane with fire extinguishers.

Smelling a burning smell and seeing flight attendants scrambling with fire extinguishers is usually not a good thing when you’re cruising at 30,000 feet above the ground.

An airport fireman, wearing a hazmat suit, checks things out on our plane in El Paso
An airport fireman, wearing a hazmat suit, checks things out on our plane in El Paso

Moments later, an announcement was made that our flight to Houston was being diverted to El Paso.

After being on the ground for an hour, we were told that the source of the burning had still not been identified (later, in a letter from Continental, I learned that it was a faulty circuit board that had burned). As a result, we were all re-booked on other airlines.

I found myself now heading to Dallas for a connecting flight that would ultimately get me to Orlando where I would rent a car to drive to Daytona, where 75 people were attending our New Staff Training conference.

Unfortunately for me, when I got to Dallas, I saw that my connecting flight was delayed by 4 and half hours.

By the time I finally arrived in Orlando, got my car and drove to Daytona, it was after 5:00 in the


I was scheduled to speak in just a few hours. Little did these staff know but I was going to ask them to take

an unplanned diversion of their own. Instead of heading to Houston, or some other location they had their hearts set on, I was sharing about the tremendous needs to reach the growing Latino student population. I invited those in the group to join us in Los Angeles to help us reach Latino students.

I was incredibly tired, and I don’t drink coffee either, so I was functioning on pure adrenaline.

I was able to make an impassioned plea that resulted in 3 New Staff making an “unplanned diversion.”

Left-Right: Stephen Brown, Tyler Helfers, Christina Helfers
Left-Right: Stephen Brown, Tyler Helfers, Christina Helfers

Stephen is a single guy from North Carolina who had never traveled east of Tennessee and Tyler and Christina are a married couple from Minnesota who were thinking of going to Miami.

Instead, the Lord has diverted them to Los Angeles, where they’ll be serving with Destino.

Two weeks ago, all three of them were in Los Angeles to check out the campuses and get an increased vision for what they’ll be doing with Destino. It was a fun time to see the fruition of my crazy flight from January.

Thanks for your partnership with us. Because of your commitment, we are able to recruit people like Stephen and Tyler and Christina to take unplanned diversions to see people from every culture reached for Christ!

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Destino Winter Conference Highlights

Check out this highlight video of the Destino conference, which includes excerpts of Jose Luis’s story. He was the student highlighted in our latest newsletter, Soccer and Salvation in San Antonio.

Soccer and Salvation in San Antonio

160 Latino students and dozens of Campus Crusade staff were packed in the meeting room, listening as students, one by one, stepped to the microphone to share their story of what the Lord had done earlier in the day.

It was the day of outreach for the conference and many students told stories of sharing their faith and the people who had responded to their message of hope.

Jose Luis (left) and Sara Ramirez, a student at Arizona State
Jose Luis (left) and Sara Ramirez, a student at Arizona State

Jose Luis, a Destino student at Texas A&M stepped up to share his experience. He nervously began to share how God had worked that day.

Many of the students went to neighborhoods in San Antonio to pass out “Bags of Blessing”, gift bags of food and toiletries we assembled with the help of a local ministry that are designed to give hope and spark spiritual conversations with those who receive them.

Other students, however, were assigned to go to an orphanage of older youth to give hope and encouragement to them.

Jose was in the group that was assigned to go to the orphanage. He was nervous because 10 years ago, he was an orphan who was temporarily housed in a shelter in San Antonio after arriving to this country from Honduras.

Jose nervously shared about his fear and anxiety as they approached this location that he had never heard of.

Jacob prepares for the rush of students!
Jacob prepares for the rush of students!

When they arrived, Jose stepped out to look around. In the distance he saw a bunch of kids playing on a soccer field. That’s when it hit him. He had been here before. Jose realized that this was the place he had been housed 10 years earlier.
Jose told us how he was able to share a message of hope with 20 teenage boys at that shelter. He told them how they could make it because he made it. He explained how he was in college now and they could go to college too. He then shared about the hope he has through his relationship with Christ.

10 boys trusted Christ that day with Jose. There was nary a dry eye in the room as he shared his story.

As Jose finished his story, Jose Diaz, the student MC from New York City, approached Jose and handed him a soccer ball that was signed by all the teenagers from the shelter.

They signed the ball as a thank you to Jose and to Destino for coming to them and sharing his message of hope and encouragement.

It was a powerful moment to see how the hope of the gospel is spreading to many open hearts within the Latino community.

Joshua fills the bag of one of our staff members
Joshua fills the bag of one of our staff members!

Jennifer, I and the boys were privileged to be there at the conference to serve and help Destino minister and train their students. It was so exciting to see that the conference doubled in size from last year to this year.

We had the opportunity to interact with many of the nearly 40 students who were there from our region and it was fun for our kids to help us put together the “Bags of Blessing” that were used on the Day of Outreach.

Thank you for your partnership in reaching students for Christ and for giving every student an opportunity to experience Christ in a way that culturally relevant to them!

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Destino at Chico State

Visited Chico State last week. Check out this cool video their students produced while I was there where they share a little bit about Destino at Chico State.

Destino PSW

A few weeks ago, Latino students from all over the PSW region came to Los Angeles for a weekend retreat. Here is a short video that our students put together to share more about DESTINO!

Ronco, OxyClean, ShamWow and P90x

It’s late at night and you can’t sleep. You should probably use that time to read your Bible and pray for all the things going on in your life but instead, you decide to kill some time by watching TV. The only problem is that even though you have 500 channels on your satellite dish, there is absolutely nothing on.

Wait, what was that? You go back to the channel you just passed to listen to a guy tell you about ShamWow, the amazing chamois, towel-like product that will absolutely revolutionize your life. You’ll save money because you’ll never need to buy another paper towel as long as you live. In addition, it will absorb any spill or stain that has ever soiled your carpet.

The Amazing ShamWow!
The Amazing ShamWow!

You’re mesmerized as you wonder how you’ve lived even one day without this fantastic, amazing, revolutionary product.

Such is the world of infomercials, 30 – 60 minute “paid programs” which aim to sell you products that you probably wouldn’t pay a dime for if you saw them in the local Wal-Mart. But somehow, when you watch the infomercial, you’re tempted to sign over the deed to your house to get a bucket of “Oxyclean.”

Growing up, I remember Ron Popeil, who popularized the infomercial with his amazing food dehydrator. I desperately wanted one so I could make beef jerkey, but I wasn’t old enough to have a credit card, so I could never order one. Just maybe though, I’ll be lucky enough to acquire one through a white elephant gift exchange!

Amazingly, Ron Popeil is still promoting his Ronco products. Infomercials have come a long ways though. Recently, I saw an infomercial for a revolutionary fitness program called P90x. To be honest, I have wanted to get this program because I know that if I go through the 90 day intense workout, I will look more ripped and fit than just about any man alive! Seriously though, I know many who have used the program and it does seem legit. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot when I have about $70 laying around that I don’t have anything else committed to it.

In the mean time, I’ve come up with my own version of P90x. As you know, Jennifer and I are giving leadership to our staff to encourage and coach them to reach the nearly 2 million students in California, Arizona and Hawaii who are ethnic minorities. The number of students who are culturally non-white continues to increase and is now approaching 60% in our region.

In order to reach these students effectively, we need to start movements within their cultural group that will communicate the message of Christ in a way that is culturally relevant to them. That’s our goal.

Jen and I have identified 90 different cultural ministries that we would like to start on campuses throughout our region. So what is our version of P90x? Well, we are starting with Prayer. We’re praying for the Lord to help us start 90 new cross (x) cultural ministries. Hence P90x is Praying for 90 crosscultural ministries to be established in California, Arizona, Hawaii and Las Vegas.

We are trusting the Lord to establish 8 of these new ministries by December and 18 total by May. This is a huge step of faith for us and we’re working hard to surface leaders for new potential movements. Please pray for us and with us that the Lord would establish HIS P90x program here in our region. I can say with all sincerity that this P90x program WILL revolutionize things. And if you have a cool idea for how we can
turn this into an infomercial, please let us know!

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Fall Retreats

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak at the Fall Retreat for our San Diego Campus ministries. I do a series of talks based on Jesus’ invitations in the gospels to “Follow Me!”

Check out this brief highlight video of the weekend. I’m not prominent but if you look closely, you’ll see me make an appearance!

This weekend, our family will be in the San Bernardino mountains as Jen and I will be speaking at the Fall Retreat for my alma mater, Cal Poly Pomona. Please pray for us.


Destino-Epic Fall Retreat

Last weekend, many of our Southern California Epic and Destino ministries converged in the mountains outside of Los Angeles for a joint Fall Retreat. About 130 students came. Students from our new Destino movement at Chico State drove 7 hours to connect with other students from Destino at Long Beach, USC, Fullerton, UCLA and even Arizona State! Check out this short video they produced to share a glimpse of their weekend: