Without Warning – Book Review

Without Warning (J. B. Collins, #3)Without Warning by Joel C. Rosenberg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The third and final installment of Joel Rosenberg’s J.B. Collins trilogy does not disappoint.

Without Warning lives up to its name with unexpected plot twists and turns that keep the reader engaged right up until the very end.

Packed with drama, intrigue and plenty of action, Rosenberg once again weaves together a story that includes themes of redemption, forgiveness, justice, love and sacrifice. Like many of Rosenberg’s novels, the characters and story-line are fictional, but the political climate and circumstances seem so current and real that the reader is left to sift through what is fictional and what isn’t.

Rosenberg is gifted in writing political thrillers that mirror our current political environment, and his knowledge and understanding of the Middle East political climate is once again on display.

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