The Lowedown on “The Auschwitz Escape” by Joel Rosenberg

The Lowedown on “The Auschwitz Escape” – my Goodreads review of Joel Rosenberg’s historical fiction thriller.

The Auschwitz EscapeThe Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A slight departure from Rosenberg’s normal political thrillers, this work of historical fiction contains the same riveting style that fans of Rosenberg have come to expect. Characters are vivid and real. Rosenberg has a way of helping you get into the minds and hearts of his characters and his descriptions of the conditions during this time frame are descriptive and emotional.

It is hard to imagine the pure evil that was exercised on humanity at Auschwitz. I’ve never been there and I’m certainly not an historian but I feel like I got a small taste of the atrocities and the horror from reading this book.

I felt a few of the scenes were kind of predictable but I still found myself glued to the pages and anxious to see what happened next. Through his characters and their interactions, Rosenberg deftly introduces the ethical and moral dilemmas that prisoners and citizens alike must’ve encountered during these harrowing conditions.

Overall, it was a good read and I’d recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of Rosenberg, but also if you have an interest in WW2 history and specifically the Holocaust and the plight of the Jewish people during that time period.

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