The Power of Partnership

How many people does it take to impact a life for Christ? Read on to find out.

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Earlier this month, I spent perhaps my longest period of time on the road away from my family.

As you know, Jen and I are transitioning to a new ministry of Cru called Cru City, where we will be investing our time and energy into reaching out to Millennials in Orange County.

Jim partnered financially with Andy Henry...
Jim partnered financially with Andy Henry…

Before we officially launch this new endeavor, we’re taking time to raise some much needed funds that will enable us to continue ministering full-time for the Lord.

While I was on the road raising funds, I had the opportunity to meet with my friend Jim Gove. I first wrote about Jim in our May, 2005 newsletter, which you can read here.

I love meeting with Jim, first of all, because he has such a passion for the Lord and he’s one of the most encouraging guys I know.

But I also enjoy Jim because he is a reminder to me of the power and fruit of partnership in the gospel. Let me explain.

Years ago, Jim began supporting a young missionary named Andy Henry who had just graduated from Sacramento State University and was raising funds to join Cru’s full-time staff.

...who led a Bible study with a student named Dave Butts...
…who led a Bible study with a student named Dave Butts…

When Andy completed his team, he showed up at Cal Poly, Pomona, where I happened to be attending.

One of the students who was in a Bible study led by Andy was Dave Butts. Andy encouraged Dave to invest a summer of his life on a summer project, knowing that it would be critical to Dave’s spiritual development and ministry training. After much persistence from Andy, Dave decided to attend a summer missions project in Lake Tahoe, where he learned to share his faith.

After that summer, Dave returned to Cal Poly and his on-campus job. As the Lord would have it, I got a job on campus working with Dave. In addition, we became study partners for a class that we happened to have together (are you getting a picture of God’s providence?)

Dave Butts played a key role in my renewed commitment to Christ.
…who played a key role in my renewed commitment to Christ.

One night while studying together, Dave shared the gospel with me. Though I was already a believer, I wasn’t walking with the Lord at the time, and that conversation was the beginning of a spiritual journey that led to me making a recommitment to the Lord several months later.

I immediately got involved in Campus Crusade on campus and I ended up in a Bible study led by a guy named Mark Matzaganian. I had known Mark a few years before and I did NOT remember him being a Christian, much less a religious person at all.

It turns out that Mark had met Andy on campus a few years earlier and Andy led Mark to Christ after sharing the gospel with him. Mark was now a leader in Cru and became my Bible study leader and discipler during my 5th year.

Mark came to Christ through Andy and became my Bible study leader and discipler.
Mark came to Christ through Andy and became my Bible study leader and discipler.

Years later, I met Jim when he showed up for an outreach event we hosted at UC Davis with Hugh Ross. Jim was part of a local “Reasons To Believe” chapter and was there to man the resource table for Dr. Ross’s ministry.

A few weeks later, I had the opportunity to meet with Jim and hear more of his story. What amazed me was when I learned that he was a financial partner in Andy Henry’s ministry.

Imagine Jim’s surprise when I was able to share with him how he had directly influenced my life through his financial partnership with Andy!

We don’t often get the privilege of seeing the living results of the ministry investments we make. But my hope and prayer is that some day you might randomly meet a believer and through the course of your conversation learn that they had been impacted spiritually because you chose to financially partner with a missionary couple, Dave & Jennifer Lowe, who had influenced them to live for Christ.

How many people does God use to impact a life? Too many to count!

I thank God for Jim Gove and how his investment has impacted my life through people like Andy Henry, Dave Butts and Mark Matzaganian. And we thank the Lord for you and your partnership with us, which has impacted so many other lives for Christ!

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