Twenty Five Years Later!

Each year, thousands of students involved in Cru go on summer missions projects all over the world. These projects are not only faith-stretching for our students but they are critical to our mission of seeing movements launched to every people group around the world.

Twenty-five years ago, I spent a summer on the mysterious Northstar project. The location of the project was so secretive that I had to get permission from my campus director just to go to an informational meeting at our Winter Conference. When I went to the meeting, I learned that Northstar was a summer mission to the Soviet Union.

NorthstarTeamTaking the gospel to spiritually deprived people behind the Iron Curtain sounded intriguing and adventurous. It seemed like real spy stuff. I signed up right away.

Find out more about what happened that summer and what’s going on now, twenty-five years later by reading the latest Lowedown.

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