19 Years and Counting!

On Mother’s Day, we celebrated by visiting Hollywood. On our anniversary, we celebrated by attending the Cirque du Soleil Iris show at the Kodak theater in downtown Los Angeles.
Dave finds the Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame for the greatest baseball team of all-time, the Los Angeles Dodgers!

Last week was a week of celebration. On consecutive days, we celebrated Mother’s Day, Jacob and Joshua’s 11th birthday, and our 19th anniversary together.

While Jen and I were driving to downtown L.A. for dinner and an engagement with Cirque du Soleil, we spent time reminiscing and reflecting on our 19 years of marriage. Here are a few of our most vivid memories:


1993 – getting married in Fresno and honeymooning at DisneyWorld.

1994 – moving to Tucson. Our Ryder truck breaking down in the Mojave desert on Hwy 395.

1995 – driving from Fresno to Ocean City, New Jersey for our summer mission project. Staying in St. Louis to celebrate our anniversary.

1996 – Moving back to Fresno to be staff members at Fresno State.

1997 – spending the summer in Colorado taking Bible classes.

1998 – moving to Davis to become new campus leaders. Summer training in Myrtle Beach followed by vacation in New York and D.C.

1999 – beginning to explore the adoption process. Davis ministry continues to grow.

2000 – buying our first home in Davis – a real fixer upper! A summer in Ocean City, New Jersey.

2001 – Jacob and Joshua arrive. Crazy summer leading Lake Tahoe summer project

2002 – Jacob & Joshua’s one year birthday. Impact and Bridges start at Davis. First students begin to graduate and go to the world as missionaries

2003 – Epic launched at Davis

2004 – Destino starts at UC Davis

2005 – PreSchool for Jacob and Joshua. Summer leading the Newport Beach Summer Project

2006 – Driving to Seattle and British Columbia for a wedding and vacation. Re-starting the ministry at Sac State

2007 – Summer in Colorado. Family trips to Kansas and Hawaii. Remodeling and Renovating our house in Davis.

2008 – God’s call to Southern California. Selling our house and moving to Mission Viejo. Spending the summer overseas.

2009 – Season passes to Disneyland. Summer trips to Davis, Colorado and Zion National Park.

2010 – Summer trip to San Jose, Destino team started in Long Beach.

2011 – Summer in Colorado. Bathroom leak and bathroom remodel.

2012 – New ministries established in San Jose (Destino), Chico (Bridges), Santa Barbara (Impact), Fullerton (Epic) and San Luis Obispo (Destino).


Thanks for your prayers and partnership which has helped us experience 19 amazing years of life and ministry together!

For a pdf version of The Lowedown, click here!

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