Prayer Requests: UC Irvine Fall Retreat

Hello Friends,

This weekend, Jen and I will be heading up to the mountains to speak to about 50 students at UC Irvine’s Fall Retreat. We’re excited and a bit nervous as we have not had many opportunities in the past to be the featured speakers at a retreat.

We would appreciate your prayers for us. Jen will be speaking to the women at a special women’s time while I will be speaking 4 times at the main sessions of the retreat.

My theme for the weekend is “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” I want to talk about what it means to really follow Jesus and how He wants to use us to impact the lives of others.

Pray specifically for the following:

  • For Jen as she prepares her message to the women of the group
  • For our boys who will be with us. Pray that they would have a fun weekend and that they would enjoy hanging out with the students. (They are excited that we are going to a camp for the weekend!)
  • For Dave as he prepares his 4 talks and discussion questions for the small group interaction times
  • For students to be challenged and motivated as they come back to campus. Pray that the weekend would lead to a deeper walk with Christ and a greater commitment to reach other students back on campus.

Thanks for your prayers. I look forward to updating you on what happens this weekend!

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